OMG!!!! BEST BEEF YET! Just letting you know that this is the best beef yet!! So tender and delicious, and the cuts are perfection!! Thank you so much!! We LOVE it!! We will get a lamb again next year, along with our beef, as we still have a couple cuts down stairs. Hope you both have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and we’ll definitely give you a ring when we are in Crested Butte this summer. Thanks for everything!!
-Diane Neff ( whole beef/lamb customer for 10 years)

A Healthy Earth. Happy Animals. Healthy & Happy People.

Parker Pastures produces top quality, local, organic, healthy, and delicious grass-fed meats in a way that HEALS THE EARTH.

We promote and practice a holistic approach to management for the ecological economical, social, and spiritual good of the earth. 

Parker Pastures Local Grass-fed Beef

Our passion for juicy, tender & delicious grass-fed and finished beef and for Holistic Management Planned Grazing combine to create well-marbled, flavorful, healthy beef.

Parker Pastures Local Grass-fed Lamb

  Our daughter’s gourmet grass-fed lamb is born, grown, and grass-finished on lush, nutritious, Colorado mountain grasses. She also offer hoggets and mutton.

Married for over 17 years, and ranching for even longer, Bill and I, with the help of our 3 children, are the owners, managers, and employees of Parker Pastures. Parker Pastures is a family owned ranching business that raises and direct markets world class, quality, grass-fed meats.

We are passionate about raising delicious, healthy, organic, and grass-fed beef and lamb in a way that BENEFITS AND CONTRIBUTES TO the health of the lands that our animals graze upon.

Regenerative Agriculture is the next step up from sustainable agriculture, because the fact is, if we just sustain our degrading earth, we’re headed for a wreck.

Through the groundbreaking work of Allan Savory, The Savory Institute, Holistic Management International, and many other brilliant minds, we now have the tools and knowledge to participate WITH NATURE to bring her back to her full and glorious abundance! What hope this should give to everyone!

But the catch is, everyone (including us) must choose to vote with our dollars to support what Parker Pastures and many other ranchers and farmers around the world are doing to REGENERATE THE EARTH!