A Cowboy Box


A Cowboy Box

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Grill, Smoke & Slow Cook with this week's Cowboy Special!

4lbs Dry-Aged Ground Beef

1 Package Premium Steaks (2 steaks per package) *May Include Ribeye, New York or Sirloin

2 Packages Gourmet Burger Patties (3 patties per pack)

1 Brisket (3-5 lbs)

2 Packages of Short Ribs *2 Ribs Per Package

1 Colorado Tri-Trip Roast *Perfect for the slow cooker!

1 Parker Pastures Grey or Green/White Trucker Hat

$256 Value for only $179!

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4 Packs Dry Aged Ground Beef

You can’t beat our AMAZING FLAVORFUL organic, pasture-raised, local Grass-fed Ground Beef. USDA inspected. 1 lb chubs. Hard frozen.


1 Package Premium Steaks

Enjoy the most incredible Grass-finished Steaks of your life! (2 steaks per package) *May Include Ribeye, New York or Sirloin.


1 Dry-Aged Brisket

A great cut for smoking, slow cooking or a classic Texas style BBQ experience!
1 Point Cut Brisket (3- 4.4 lbs)


2 Packages of Short Ribs

These meaty ribs come from the rib eye section of the beef and are great for braising or slow cooking.
2 ribs per package (1.25-2.5 lbs)


1 Colorado Tri-Trip Roast

A Colorado favorite - the tri-tip steak is perfect for family dinner or entertaining at a BBQ.


1 Chuck Pot Roast

Our Dry-aged Beef Roasts make a delicious pot roast or slow cooker dinner or after roasting, sliced thin for perfect steak sandwiches or charcuterie platter!


Parker Pastures Trucker Hat!