Ranch Pickup: Fridays . Order Deadline: Thursday at midnight.

Synergy Athlete Pickup (Crested Butte): Friday (9-1pm). Order Deadline Tuesday at noon.

Shipping: Tuesdays. Order Deadline Monday at midnight. Expect your order the next day (Colorado).

Our cattle and lambs spend their whole lives on our green pastures and hills rich in minerals and with plenty of sunshine and fresh Colorado mountain air. You can experience the difference in the taste of our beef and lamb.


By the Cut

Curate your own box to be perfectly packed and portioned for your needs. Steaks, Filet Mignon, Ground Beef, Roasts, and More!

Bundles and Specials

We've paired some of our best sellers and priced them for the best value. A great way to stock your freezer with select cuts.

Bulk Beef

Our specialty! Fill your freezer with an Eighth, Quarter, Half, or Whole Beef and enjoy incredible peace of mind year round.


Grass-finished Lamb

Our Grass-fed and Finished lamb has no comparison. The meat is tender, lean and nutritious, with a sophisticated flavor profile that's mild, sweet and meaty. 

Ranch Club

Subscribe and Save on a recurring supply of fresh Grass-finished meats you feel good about feeding your family!

Raw Pet food & Dog Bones

Our 100% Grass-finished raw pet food and raw dog bones are also healthy & natural for your best friend! *

OMG I just ate my 2 (lamb) chops. Fantastic flavor.  Any more still available?
— Monica Carter, Gunnison, CO
Hi Kelli,
I would like to order lamb, but I don’t see a link when I go to the website. Your ground beef is delicious, I don’t think I’ve had anything so nutritious and delicious. Can’t wait to get my bundle.
— Monica Harmon Cleveland, OH
Hi Kelli,
I got my (whole beef) & am absolutely pleased! Thank you so much!
It is phenomenal!!!! Couldn’t be happier...
Much appreciation,
PS  Especially coming from an ex-vegan! Well I am still a vegan when I am not eating from your farm! 
— Josie Mullallay Eckert, CO