Come connect with us, the animals, and the land!

"We can reduce suffering on the planet by consciously entering into a relationship with the land, the people who live on the land, and the plants and animals that we consumer."

-Drew French  Grass-fed Beef - The Most Vegan Item at the Supermarket

Explore, Learn, Converse

  • Meet your ranchers - that's us! Bill, Kelli, Cloe, Oliver, and John Parker
  • Learn how regenerative ranching is different (and way better!)
  • Understand how our beef and lamb is raised in a way that is good for the land, good for the animals, and good for YOU!
  • Explore the beautiful Van Tuyl Ranch - 400 acres of meadows and riparian along the Gunnison River
  • Enjoy seeing and learning about our "homestead" and the foods we raise for our family (pastured-raised chicken, pastured eggs, pasture-raised ducks, dairy, and raised bed gardens)