Whole Lamb Deposit
from 100.00

October Harvest Lambs!

Approx. $450 (includes processing and the deposit)

Choose exactly how you want your lamb cut or keep it simple and choose “standard cut.

If applicable, delivery costs will be added to your deposit payment.

Approx. $450 total (this includes deposit and processing)

$100 Processing

$5.99/lb hanging weight (approx. 40-60 lbs) approx. 

You can expect about 55% of the hanging weight in cut and wrapped meat.


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Our local Grass-fed Lambs are 100% pasture-raised, grass-fed, and grass-finished. Like our cattle, they graze on pristine, lush, and high mountain pastures of our beautiful Gunnison Valley and eat their fill of a wide diversity of plants, drink clean mountain water, bask in the sun, and interact within their natural social system.  Our passion for Holistic Management means the sheep are also regenerating the ecosystem in which they thrive.  The flock is composed of heritage Dorper and Katadin haired sheep.  Haired sheep do not have a thick wool fleece so their meat is deliciously mild, sweet and less greasy than "woolly" breeds.  With a rack of well-filled meaty chops, a broad loin of superior quality, and a leg that is full, round, and plump, you can be sure of a succulent and tender lamb that will delight you. 

Wonderful quality and taste, excellent cuts and packaging. Just keep it coming!
— Whole Lamb, CSA Customer (4+ years)