I’m Kerry Lynch, two-time Olympian and former alumni of Western State College in Gunnison, CO, and home to Parker Pastures. If you are into high quality meats, the Parker’s do the whole process right. We are extremely satisfied with the meat from the Parker Pastures! They really take pride in the quality of grasses their cattle consume, start to finish and the meat products are fantastic. Irrigating the pastures with natural clean water, using no pesticides or any chemicals, allows the cows to develop to their full potential, naturally. In today’s world with environmental challenges and fast paced cultures, the Parker’s do the whole process correctly to deliver meats to consumers as it should be. We highly recommend the Parker Pasture products to anyone who is concerned about consuming meats, safely, and of the highest quality!
— Kerry Lynch
Thank you again Kelli. I’m impressed with your customer service and have mentioned you to other friends who are looking for a source of good grass-fed beef. We had our first taste last night...meat loaf that was to die for! The ground beef was just beautiful!
Thanks again.
— Linda Gregory Grand Junction, CO
We have been enjoying the amazing products of Bill and Kelli Parker’s visionary work for years now. Their open to the public philosophy, and they way they openly share knowledge is just about impossible to find nowadays. It’s like having your own ranching family raising your meat products and keeping you “in the loop” as to just how it happens if you want to know. Frankly, we could not imagine doing business with any one else. Gunnison is blessed by many visionary people, and we rate Bill and Kelli at the top of that list.
— Mark and Janet Selkee Gunnison, CO
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A Healthy Earth. Happy Animals. Healthy & Happy People.

Parker Pastures produces top quality, local, Beyond organic, healthy, and delicious grass-fed meats in a way that HEALS THE EARTH And honors the animals.


Parker Pastures Local Grass-fed Beef

Our passion for tender & delicious grass-fed and finished beef and for careful pasture management combine to create well-marbled, flavorful, healthy beef.

Parker Pastures Local Grass-fed Lamb

  Our daughter’s gourmet grass-fed lamb is born, grown, and grass-finished on lush, nutritious Colorado mountain grasses. She also offer hoggets and mutton.


Married for over 17 years and ranching for even longer, Bill and I, with the help of our 3 children, are the owners, managers, and employees of Parker Pastures. Parker Pastures is a family owned ranching business that raises and direct markets world class quality meats.

We are passionate about raising delicious, healthy, organic, and grass-fed beef and lamb in a way that BENEFITS AND CONTRIBUTES TO the health of the lands that our animals graze upon.

Regenerative Agriculture is the next step up from sustainable agriculture, because the fact is, if we just sustain our degrading earth, we’re headed for a wreck.

Through the groundbreaking work of Allan Savory, The Savory Institute, Holistic Management International, and many other brilliant minds, we now have the tools and knowledge to participate WITH NATURE to bring her back to her full and glorious abundance! What hope this should give to everyone!

But the catch is, everyone (including us) must choose to vote with our dollars to support what Parker Pastures and many other ranchers and farmers around the world are doing to REGENERATE THE EARTH!

Ranch Pickup is offered each Friday. Synergy Athlete Pickup is offered each Friday from 9-1 pm. We Ship orders each Tuesday.

*LOCALS At Checkout, Complete the “Shipping” Section and Then you can Choose Ranch or Synergy Pickup

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My family eats Parker Pastures meat because we believe in the sustainability practices the Parker family utilizes to nourish the land, the animals, and us. Parker Pastures cares about our community... from the land they ranch on to the quality of food we fuel our bodies with.
— Jordan Johnson, Gunnison, CO
The freshest meat I have ever tasted. I feel great knowing what I’m putting in my body and also that the animals are treated properly. My husband and I will continue to purchase from Parker Pastures for years to come.
— Renaissance Zillioux, Crested Butte, CO
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“As a long-time customer of Parker Pastures, I assure you I’m salivating while writing this! Their beef is only the end product of a lot of love: love and care for their herds though excellent stewardship, regenerative land management practices and protecting the future by educating the public. The beef is absolutely a cut above and working with them has been seamless and joy-filled.”
— Rebecca Dussault of Fit Catholic Mom