Parker Pastures Land Management Division

Our Mission

To manage landscapes to improve habitat and beauty while creating an agricultural return on the land.

Our Purpose

We offer landowners an experienced turn-key land management service that promotes beautiful thriving landscapes and profitable business through improved land productivity.  We are trained to use livestock to increase soil fertility, cycle nutrients, build organic matter in the soil, increase the water holding capacity of the soil.


We strive for absolute honesty and integrity in all of our relationships. We offer flexibility to match each landowners’ needs in the management of their land and resources. We are experienced in creating thriving ecosystems that support diverse and abundant wildlife and plant populations. We produce healthy meats through our sister business, Parker Pastures, while being a model for sustainable agriculture and effective land and resource management.

Lease and Partnership Opportunities

  • PLM provides experienced and excellent care, maintenance and improvement of your land as an agricultural resource as well as a diverse and vibrant ecosystem for people, plants, and wildlife.
  • A partnership with PLM creates an economic, ecological and personal benefit for landowners and their properties.


  • Decrease Fire Danger
  • Improve water cycle/Store more water in the soil
  • Reduce bare ground
  • Reduce erosion
  • Efficient use of water rights
  • Tax Status
  • Increase wildlife and plant diversity
  • Generate economic return on property
  • Increasing soil & plant fertility and
  • Decreasing weed prevalence without pesticides and chemical fertilizer
  • Services Offer:
  • Planned Grazing*
  • Custom Haying
  • Biological monitoring
  • Maintenance of current Infrastructure
  • Improvement of Infrastructure


*Planned Grazing

PLM will design a flexible Grazing Plan that is specific to each property. Areas of sensitivity, specific use or non-use will be built into this plan. Flexibly stocking rates will be used to match the needs of each property.

The purpose of grazing will be to:

  • Eliminate overgrazing
  • Knock down over-rested dead standing material
  • Fertilize without chemical
  • Break hard pans and capped soil to allow plants to grow
  • Stimulate growth
  • Increase overall production
  • Improve wildlife habitat through improved fertility and diversity
  • Generate economic return
  • Produce high quality beef through our sister company, Parker Pastures

The plan will be implemented using:

  •  Healthy, gentle cattle trained in low-stress livestock handling.
  • Temporary electric fence will be provided by and used by PLM to control cattle
  • Cattle will graze using short duration, high stock density to assure that healthy plants are never overgrazed and that dead standing plants are recycled into the soil.