When and where will I pick up my meats?
When you place your order, you will have the option to choose when and where works best for you.
We will send you confirmation e-mail when we receive your order in which we will give you a specific date and location for pickup, delivery, or shipping.
We will send out a reminder/ confirmation e-mail the week of your delivery, pickup. This email will also include the amount of money you owe for your beef. We ask that you please respond to the e-mail so that we know to load your beef onto the truck.
If we do not receive confirmation that you will meet us, we will not load your beef onto the truck and you will be charged a storage fee of $25.

Can you tell me ahead of time how much I will owe on the Delivery Day?
We don’t know exactly how much you will owe until the butcher sends us hanging weights. When we send out a reminder/ confirmation e-mail one week prior to your delivery day, this email will also include the amount of money you owe for your beef. We deduct your deposit and ask that you pay the balance due prior to or upon pick-up.

What if I miss my scheduled pick-day?
If you can get a friend to pick up your beef, that would be best, otherwise we can store your beef at the ranch in Gunnison (for a $30 re-stocking fee) and either deliver it to you on our next delivery day. or have you pickup in Gunnison.

How much freezer space do I need to store my meat?
A quarter beef takes up about 4.5 cubic feet of freezer space. That equals about one, legal-sized file cabinet drawer or 2-3 shelves of a standard side-by-side freezer. Double this for a Half, and double it again for a Whole Beef.

Can you split up our beef into groups if we are sharing with another family?
We do not open boxes from our butcher. Every cut is individually wrapped and clearly labeled, making it very easy for you and your friends to separate evenly when you get home to your own kitchen.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, as well as checks and cash. The credit card companies take 3% of credit card payments, so if it doesn’t matter to you, we’d prefer a check or cash. That said, we want to make buying our beef so if a credit card is easiest, use that.

Do your ranches practice Holistic Management and Holistic Planned Grazing?
Yes! We are trained in and have been practicing Holistic Management for over 15 years. We regularly attend conferences, workshops, and study Holistic Management, biodynamic ranching, organic ranching, holistic livestock health, soil health, etc. to keep up to date on the latest practices in our field.

Can I visit your ranch?
Yes! You’re welcome to visit our ranch!. We offer tours, workshops, and an on-farm store in the summer. We also offer regular field trips to local school children as well as a Field Day.

Where are your ranches located?
Parker Pastures’ Headquarter is on the Van Tuyl Ranch just minutes from Gunnison, CO. There is an amazing public trail that circles through the ranch along the Gunnison River.

Do you give your cattle antibiotics?
We never use sub-therapeutic antibiotics. We do, on rare and necessary occasions, use antibiotics to treat sick animals, but these animals are removed from the meat program and will never end up on your plate.

Do you give your cattle growth hormones?

Do you use chemical fertilizers?

Do you use pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, etc?

Where is Parker Pastures Beef and Lamb processed?
Processing is currently done at a State Inspected Processing Facility, Kinnikin Processing in Montrose, CO.  Kinikin Processing is also an certified USDA processing plant.

Are your animals treated humanely?
Absolutely. Our animals are out on spacious, clean, organic, fresh pastures their entire lives. They have space and means to express their particular “animalness.” They remain under our care their entire extended lives, spending their lives with their families, eating a diet of fresh greens, exercising at will, getting plenty of fresh air and sunshine, and living a low-stress and natural life. Everyone on our ranches has been trained in low stress livestock handling.

Is your beef certified organic?

We like to say we are Beyond Organic! We are not currently certified organic, but our pastures will be Certified Organic this year. That said, we have always, and always manage our pastures and livestock in a way that is in line with organic standards, and if fact go way Beyond organic standards.

Do you have any other certifications?

Parker Pastures is certified through The Global Animal Partnership’s (GAP) 5 Step Animal Welfare Rating Standard for Beef Cattle: Step Level 4 Rating.

How much meat can I expect?
Our promise is that you will receive at least 55 - 60% yield from your hanging weight, in other words at least 1/2 of your hanging weight back as cut and wrapped meat. This can be much more, but 55% is our guarantee. Choosing to receive all your bones, organs, scraps, as well as bones in cuts greatly increases what you receive back as cut and wrapped meat.

What are the processing costs?
Kinnikin Processing
Beef $45 kill fee/animal + $0.65/lb hanging + $2/box
Lamb $100.

How is the meat packaged?
Your meat will arrive hard frozen. Each cut will be individually packaged. Kinnikin Processing uses a BPA free shrink wrap. The processor puts all of your frozen cuts into boxes with your name on them that are easy to handle.

What can I expect to pay total for your meats?
There is potential for substantial variation in hanging weights and therefore cost depending on harvest time and individual animals.
On average, including processing your price will be:
Quarter Beef - $600-$800
Half Beef - $1200-$1600
Whole Beef - $2400-$3200
Whole Lamb - $300-$400