Eighth Beef

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Eighth Beef


This is an amazing way to fill your freezer with local grass-fed beef that you can feel good about eating and feeding your family!


  • 47 - 50 lbs of cut and wrapped meat

You can expect:

  • Dry aged sirloin steaks (1" thick) 2/package

  • Dry aged T-bone steaks (1" thick) 2/package

  • Dry aged bone-in ribeye steaks (1" thick) 2/package

  • Chuck roasts 3-4 lbs

  • 1 Shoulder or PIkes Peak roast 3-4 lbs

  • Short ribs (1-2 lbs each)

  • Soup/marrow bones (1-2 lbs each)

  • 20+ lbs of ground beef

Here’s how it works:

  1. Secure your Order with your payment today.

  2. If applicable, delivery/shipping costs will be added to your final payment at checkout.

  3. We hand pick your cow for harvest and send you an estimated delivery/pickup date.

  4. We take the cow to the awesome USDA processor (Kinikin Processing in Montrose) that we’ve worked with for years. The beef will dry age for 14-21 days. Then they will cut and package and hard freeze your beef.

  5. You order is ready for Pickup/Delivery/Shipping!

  6. Fill your freezer and enjoy local organic grass-fed beef year round!

Standard Cut only: Because we offer a split quarter (pieces from both front and hind quarters)we only offer our Eighth’s as a Standard Cut. This means the butcher will cut it to utilize the animal most efficiently.              

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