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about the parkers

Born with a passion for healthy lands and humanely raised livestock, we (Bill and Kelli Parker) founded Parker Pastures in 2006 after years studying and gaining experience in livestock production, ecology, and Holistic Management. Along with our 3 children, we own, manage, and provide most of the labor for this family owned business.


Parker Pastures is a family owned and operated business in Colorado providing excellence, inspiration, and leadership.  It is a profitable, land-based business that creates health and abundance for all.   We promote ecological regeneration through the production of high quality grass-fed meats.  We actively share our story as a thriving family that is intentional about our quality of life.  Our customers enjoy 100% Satisfaction and a meaningful connection to us, the land,  and their food source.  We know our financial freedom is dependent upon serving others, and this is the cornerstone of all of our relationships.  Using appropriate tools and technology, using superb systems, and having clear roles and responsibilities within the business helps us achieve this vision.


We are excellent stewards of Creation, promote life in all forms, and produce healthy grass-fed meats in a way that regenerates the land. We have absolute honesty and integrity in all of our relationships.